This story learns to face fear

Pooja and Pakhi

2 girls

Pooja and Pakhi were twins and they both liked playing the piano. He went to school after a school teacher and learned to play the piano. Even after going home, he practised every day and his day-to-day skills were getting better.

One day after the class was over, the teacher-

"There is a piece of good news for both of you ..", both sisters listened carefully to the teacher, "This time, during the Durga Puja, both of you will get a chance to show their talent for the first time on stage!"

Both started looking at each other ... their hearts started beating at a fast pace, they feared that they would not know whether they would be performing in front of so many people or not?

For the next few weeks, both of them prepared for the frozen and finally, the day of Durga Puja also came! Both of them were watching the rest of the children sitting near the stage with their parents.

There were many questions in his mind-

"If I go there and make a mistake ... if I forget my tunes ... all people will laugh so much ... how bad it will be ..."

He was thinking that the Anchor simply annexed, "And our next talent is-worship"

After hearing his name, the ground dropped under the feet of the worship ... his face became pale ... parents paused him to go to the stage but he was sticking with the chair.

In the end, the mother gave the anchor a voice- "I'm sorry ... the health of the priest is not good!"

"Never mind ... Friends, we grow on the side of our next performer... And now we are coming to the stage ... Pachi ...", Anchor called Pakhari's name in a big way.

Pooja aur Paakhi

Pakhi's condition was also like his sister worship ... for a few moments, she was sticking to the chair too ... Mother-father extended her enthusiasm and asked to face fear ... Pekhi breathed deeply and started going towards the stage ... His hands and feet were trembling ... so nervous he had never been before!

She started performing, she made many mistakes ... she came to leave that stage and ran away ... but she remained tired and fulfilled her performance!

Pekhi's courage to encourage people with applause!

After this, both of them started learning like before. Both have improved considerably over time. After a few months, the teacher once again informed him- "A concert is being held in the city next month and you both have to perform in it!"

This time too, worshipers and Pakis started looking at each other for fear.

Once the concert day came, once again Puja was not able to get up from his seat, and Pakhi was more convinced than last time and he performed better than before.

The story of friends, worship and Pakhi is the story of all of us. When we allow fear to dominate ourselves like worship and accept defeat even before facing it, our self-confidence decreases, but if we show courage and face fear, our confidence increases. And we get better in life

Here also it is to note that there was no other difference between worship and Pakhi. Both twins were sisters ... The teacher was also the same ... but because of just one "fear", the worshiper was sitting on the chair and was performing at the footsteps!

Are you too afraid of anything? Do you also bind yourself with fear of failure? If so, throw this fear out from within ... and see life is so much to give you!
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