Story on courage - A handful of people!

Story on courage

साहस की कहानी

Each year, during the summer holidays, Nitin used to go for mountainous activities in a mountainous area with his friends. This year also he reached Rishikesh with the same motive.

The guide took them to a Famous Mountaineering Spot. Nitin and his friends had not thought that there would be such a crowd here. People were watching people on every side.

A friend said, "Man here is a crowded city ... what fun to climb up here ??"

"What can you do ... now that you have come back, what is the use of regretting ... let's enjoy this ...", Nitin responded.

All my friends started climbing and soon reached the top of the hill.

There was already tension of people there. Guys thought, now this camp is camping for two to four hours and then go back. At that point, Nitin said, pointing to a peak in the front, "Wait ... wait ... look at that peak also ... there just a handful of people are showing ... how much fun it is ... why do not we go there? "


"There!", A friend said, "Hey there is nothing to talk about ... just about that hill, I have heard that the path there is very difficult and some lucky people can reach there."

Some people standing next to him jokingly said, "Brother, if it was so easy to go there, we would not have been screaming here!"

But Nitin did not listen to anybody and the lone alone peaked. And three hours later he was at the peak of that hill.

Upon reaching there, the people already present have welcomed it and have passed it.

Nitin was also very happy to reach there. Now he could enjoy the beautiful beauty of nature.

Nitin asked the rest of the people, "Tell me one thing ... It was not so difficult to get here ... I think that if one can reach that crowded peak if he does a little more effort then this peak Could touch ... Why is it that there are hundreds of people and there are just a handful of people? "

A Veteran Mountaineer present there said, "Because most people are happy just because they find it easily ... they do not think they have the potential to get more than that ... and those who are not happy at being too happy They do not want to get the risk to get more ... They are scared that they can not move in the hand of a lot more in the hand ... whereas the reality is that to get the next peak or the next floor New just fall a little and need Effort! But because of not showing courage, most people are becoming part of the entire life bus crowd ... and they keep quiet by telling the handfuls of courage and lucky ones. "

Friends, if you have stopped yourself from taking the next bold step till today, then do not do that, because-

To get the next peak or the next floor, just need a little bit of fret!

Do not stop yourself from doing that effort ... a little bit of courage ... a little bit of courage can take you out of the crowd and get involved in those handful people who call the world lucky.
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