History of Ancient Indian Surgery

History of Ancient Indian Surgery

Indian Surgery

The rules of Ayurveda have been left thousands of years ago by some great men of Ayurveda medicine. Our Ayurvedic medicine was a great man, whose name was Maharishi Charak. He researched most of the research on what diseases are corrected with herbs or which diseases are corrected by tree plantations. They have done the most research on which diseases are corrected by the leaves of trees.

After that there was another such person, Maharishi Sushruta, he worked on how to grow or grow more than needed in any part of the body such as tumour or knot, how to cut it out. He did the most work on surgery.

You might be surprised to know that the surgery was invented in this country. That is, in India, the whole world has learned from India. UK, France, Germany learned surgery from here, in the US, much later came surgery. And Britain learned surgery from India 400 years ago. UK doctors came here and went back to learn about surgery.

You might be surprised to hear that 400 years ago today, we used to run a large number of universities (surgery) in India. There is a place in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra was the largest college of surgery here. There is another place in Bharmour, in Himachal Pradesh, there was another major centre of surgery. There is such a third place, Kullu, there was also a very large centre. There were 18 such centres in Himachal Pradesh alone. Then in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, there were centres around one thousand two hundred in all India's surgery. Here the British came and learned.


You will be happy to know that London is a very big institution. Whose name is Fellow of the Royal Society of London (FRS). This institution was founded by those doctors who had learned the surgery from India. And many of them have written memu arts. Mammuarts Mane Mane Talk If they read those menu arts then there was surgery on such a high technique. You will be surprised to hear that 400 years ago, this country was Rhinoplastic. Rhinoplastic means cutting off anything from any part of the body and adding it to any part of the nose and not even knowing it.

A colonel was written in English diary that in 1799, there was a war with Hyder Ali in Karnataka. Haider Ali defeated him in the war. After defeating, Haider Ali cut off his nose. Cutting noses in our country is the biggest insult. If Hadar Ali did not want to kill him then he could cut his neck. After defeating, he cut off his nose and said that you go now, with a cut nose.

The colonel ran on the horse with a cut nose, then outside of the border of Hyder Ali, nobody saw him bleeding from his nose, the nose was cut in hand. So when he asked what happened, he did not tell the truth. So he said that the injury has happened. Then the person said that this hurt is not cut off from the sword. So the Colonel Code concluded that yes the sword was cut off.

The person told the colonel that if you want you can add your nose. So Colonel Koot said that no one can do this in England, how you will do it. So he said that we can do very easily. Then there was an operation to connect the nose of colonel in Belgaum. It took about three to three and a half hours of operation. The nose was added and then it was coated. He was kept there for 15 days.

After 15 days he was missing, after 3 months he reached London. London was surprised that your nose was not cut off from anywhere. Then he wrote that this Indian surgery is amazing. So this surgery which developed in our country, Maharishi Sushruta made a lot of efforts, then this surgery spread to India.

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