If you blame God for your circumstances, then surely read this story, believe that your thinking will change

The world is your oyster!


Hindi story on complaint

While passing through the desert, a person was bubbling, "It is not worthless, there is no greenery ... and how can there be no water in it?"

As he was moving in the sand of sand, his temper was also increasing. In the end, he shouted looking at the sky.

Does not God give you water here? If there was water then nobody could grow the trees here, and then how beautiful would it be!

He kept looking at the sky as he said ... as if he is waiting for God's answer!

Then there is a miracle, when you look at it, you see a bitch in front of him!

He was coming from the area in the area for years but till date he had not seen any kissing there ... he got in surprise and ran to the well ... Kuwa Laba-lob was full of water.

He once again looked towards the sky and said instead of thanking for water, "Water is fine but there should be some way to remove it."

He had to say that he saw ropes and buckets lying next to the well.

Once again he did not believe in his eyes!

He looked at the sky with some nervousness and said, "But how will I wash this water?"

Only then does she feel that someone is touching her back, and seeing a camel standing behind her!

Now the man is very nervous now, he feels that he should not get trapped in the work of bringing greenery in the desert, and this time he goes on ahead with the steps without looking at the sky.

He had just stepped up two or four steps that a piece of flying paper came and sticks to it.

That piece is written -

I gave you water, buckets and ropes ... gave the means of carrying water, now you have everything that you need to make the desert greenish; Now everything is in your hands!

Man stayed for a moment ... but the next moment he went ahead and the desert never became green.

Friends, many times we blame others if things are not according to my mind ... sometimes we blame the government, sometimes our parents, sometimes the company, and then God. But in the face of this blame-game, we ignore this important fact that being a human being, we have the power that we can fulfill all our dreams for ourselves.


Well, at the beginning, it is possible how this is possible, but in the way in which the person gets all the resources to make the desert green in the story, in the same way, we can get all the resources needed to achieve our goal.

But the problem is that even though most people have these resources, they know how to complain just like that man ... do not change your world by your hard work! So, let us learn from this story today, let us stop complaining and begin to change our world by taking responsibility because everything is really in your hands! Share the post if it is good.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat..!
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