Why the weight of women increases after marriage?

Why the weight of women increases after marriage? Here are the reasons:

Woman weight increase

Every girl takes all sorts of measures to see the slim trim, which does not increase its weight, but often you will have heard that after the marriage, the weight of the girls starts increasing and due to increasing weight, there is a lot of confrontation have to do. After all, what is the reason why the weight of the girls increases after marriage? Come learn ...

Why the weight of women increases after marriage? These are the reasons >>

Stress - After marriage, it becomes difficult for many women to get into a new environment. This increases stress and starts eating more stress.

Pregnancy - Most couples make family plans within 1-2 years of marriage. Most women do not try to reduce the elderly during pregnancy even after the birth of a child.

Social pressure - To get good before marriage, close tie-ups, women take care of themselves. After the marriage ends this pressure, women leave to take care of their fitness.

More TV Seeing - After the marriage, it is common to talk to a new family often or to watch the TV for a long time. Increasing weight increases due to eating food for a long time.

The effect of age - Nowadays people mostly marry after settling at the age of 28-30. Studies say that the metabolism rate of the body decreases after 30, resulting in weight gain.

Outdoor food - Newly Weddings go out every evening or weekend and eat high-calorie food. It begins to accumulate fat around the waist.

Change in Priority - Women's preferences change after marriage. Most husbands and other family members become routine according to them. Do not pay attention to yourself and find weight.

Sleep - Most women's sleeping time and patterns change after marriage. Often sleep does not complete, due to low sleep, weight increases.

Negligence - Before marriage, women are aware of their looks and exercise. But due to a busy life, it is difficult to take care of fitness.

Hormonal Changes - There are many hormonal changes in the body due to the lifestyle changed after the marriage. These are responsible for increasing weight.

Weight loss

These foods will help in weight loss -

1- Take a small piece of ginger every day or drink a small spoon of ginger juice and mix it with a little black salt.

2- Add more quantity of chilli in the food, it contains Kapixion salt, which reduces body fat faster.

3- Drink a small spoonful of aloe vera and amla juice every morning and drink a glass of water after that.

4- Eat empty stomach tomatoes every morning, which will help to control hunger and lose weight.

5- Put a spoonful of gum in a glass of warm water in the night; filter this water in the morning and drink it.

6. Drink a small spoon of turmeric powder in the empty stomach every morning and drink warm water.
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