How to keep face clean and dazzling

Face care

Tip 1:

Milk can also be used as a moisturizer on the body or face. Due to moisture and plenty of nutrition in the milk, the face and body become shiny and moisture in them. You can use some natural ingredients such as milk and cream by not using the market-based cosmetic.

Tip 2:

You will be able to see the benefits soon. There is no problem with using milk as moisturizing. Apart from milk, you can make your face beautiful using curd or cream. Let us know how to use milk to fill face and moisture.

Tip 3:

Massage your face with a spoonful milk. After that wash the face with clean water. This makes the face moisturized. Do this when you are going to a bath If you want, you can mix other ingredients in milk. Apart from this, you can also use milk in face pack.

Tip 4:

If raw milk is a bit creamy then it is good for you. Do not boil it Take a clean cloth and dip it in a raw milk bowl. Then wipe the face lightly with it. Leave it like this for 15 minutes. After that scrub the face with the same cloth. Then wash the face. This will make your skin soft and the face will appear clearly. According to Ayurveda, some rules for drinking milk

Tip 5:

You can also use milk as a moisturizer on your body. Use it once a week. You do not need to take milk with milk. Soak only one cloth in a bowl filled with milk and scrub your whole body with it. Doing this for a few consecutive days will shine in your body.
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