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Every person sleeps at night, somebody sleeps even in the day, but every person is sure to sleep. Whenever a person is born, he starts sleeping, that is, he starts sleeping. But friends do this work every day, despite having done this work every day you will not know much about sleep. I take this guarantee. Today I'm going to tell you some interesting facts about sleeping and interesting information which you would love to know and your information will also increase. Hello, friends Welcome to Knowledge Voice portal, so let's know.

Humans give one-third of their life i.e. 25 years for sleep only i.e. 25 years, we spend only sleeping. As long as the child is two years old, the parents sleep thousands of hours due to him. There is no such reply till date that we know why we sleep. At bedtime, if your brain feels that you are not in any danger, then it will filter out the voices that give you wake up from sleep. Often we feel the most tired at 2 am and 2 pm, often people who do not sleep or get enough sleep, the levels of hormones fall very quickly and they seem to have many serious diseases, It also decreases. Sleep is very important for us. If you have awakened from a dream and you were having a good dream and want to see that dream back then you should go to sleep fast and go straight to the eye, this method does not work every time, but you definitely need a good dream But you can see that dream again.

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Friends, you will be surprised to know that 15% of the population are sleepy and 5% have a disease of speaking in sleep. One pair of four married couples is such that sleeps on a separate bed.

Friends, when you are very happy or happy, work is done in your sleep too. Our body which is very weak from 3 am to 4 o'clock, is very weak, this is the reason that most people sleep in sleep this time. It is impossible to sneeze while sleeping. We can survive for two months without eating but can live only for eleven days without sleeping. Working in Japan is acceptable to sleep because it is understood to be tired while working hard. Cats spend 70% of their life in gold. The horse rises and the rabbit sleeps by opening his eyes. Man is the only person in the world who can sleep with his own wish.

While sleeping, our weight decreases to a pond i.e. 450 g. When there was no colour TV in the world, dreams of 80% of the population also used to come black and white. When dolphins and whales are sleeping, their brains stay awake whenever they are half-hearted. This happens because they live in water and take swans out of the water, so to remind them when the air is on the surface to go, therefore, half of their brains are awake while sleeping. When we sleep at night, we lose our ability to smell, so that if someone is leaking in the house or the smell of smoke, then we can not know. If you keep awake for 16 hours then your brain will feel like having 0.5% alcohol in your blood. If you sleep less than 7 hours a night, then the possibility of colds is increased three times.

So friends were some interesting information about sleeping I hope that you would love this information and you would hardly know this information so if you are happy with the post, Please share this post. Jai Hind!
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