Diet according to Ayurveda

Diet according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda food

Take yoghurt with milk or not?

Both milk and yoghurt have different sources. Yoghurt is a leavened item. By mixing both, without eating yeast (milk), the food gets spoiled. Also, acidity increases and may cause gas, indigestion and vomiting. Similarly, if you take orange juice with milk, it will also become yeast in the stomach. If both are to eat, then there should be a difference of hours and one and a half hours between the two because the digestion of the food at least is so late.

Eating with milk and eating salty or not?
Milk contains lactose sugar and proteins in addition to mineral and vitamins. If milk is an animal protein and mixing with it more then the reaction can occur. After getting salt, milk proteins freeze and nutrition gets reduced. If this happens for a long time, there may be skin disorders. According to Ayurveda, eating bad qualities and mood swings can be damaged if eaten in excess quantity for long periods of time. But Modern Medical Science does not believe that.

Should you drink milk before sleeping or not?

According to Ayurveda, sleep is influenced by cough defects of the body. Due to its heaviness, sweetness and cold mood, it is helpful to increase sleepiness by increasing the tendency to sleep. Even in modern science, it is believed that milk is helpful in sleeping. It also leads to serotonin hormone, which helps to calm the brain. By the way, milk is the complete diet in itself, which contains carbohydrates, proteins and calcium. It is better to drink it alone. Biscuit, rusk, almond or bread can be taken together, but due to heavy eating, the properties of milk cannot be absorbed in the body.

Adding the leaf or ginger in milk only tastes, its mood swings do not change. By the way, boiling tooth milk is also beneficial for drinking, making kheer or mixing it in oatmeal. It is better to drink milk equal to lukewarm or room temperature than very cold or hot milk.

Note: People often believe that milk should not be taken after surgery or stitches etc., because it can be disguised, this is a misunderstanding. The proteins present in the milk help in filling the body quickly. Milk can take anywhere throughout the day. Take at least one hour before sleeping. Keep an hour's difference in milk and dinner.

Do not take butter with food or not?

Buttermilk is a great drink or unusual diet. By taking it with food, digestion of food is also good and nutrition is also good for the body. It digests itself easily. If it is mixed with a pinch of black pepper, cumin and rock salt then it is good. There are also good bacteria, which are beneficial for the body. Drinking sweet lassi provides extra calories, so it should be avoided. It is better to take buttermilk with food or to take it later. By taking first the juice will be diluted.

Take curd and fruit together or not?
The fruits contain different enzymes and differ in curd. Because of this, they can not digest, so neither is recommended to take both together. Fruit Raita can be taken occasionally, but it should be avoided repeatedly.

Should you eat fruits with milk or not?

If you take fruit along with milk, calcium inside the milk takes several enzymes of the fruit to adjust the adjourns (and they can not nourish the body). Cereals such as orange and pineapple should not be taken with milk at all. Many people take bananas and milk in the fast, etc., which is not correct. Banana increases cuff and milk also increases cough. Eating together increases both phlegm and affects digestion. Similarly, if a lot of caffeine is taken with eating it in the form of tea, coffee or cold drink, even when the body does not get the full nutrients.

Eat milk with fish or not?

The curd for the curd is cold. He should not take it with any hot thing. The fish is hot enough, so she should not eat with curd. It can cause gas, allergy and skin diseases. Apart from curd, honey should not be eaten with hot things.

Drink water immediately after eating fruit, especially after eating watermelon?

The fruits can drink water immediately after eating, although other liquids should be avoided. In fact, there is a lot of fibre in fruit and calories are very low. If there is also a good moisturizer, that is, with more fibre, then the body gets cleaned properly. But in the matter of watermelon or melon, this theory does not fit because it is very fruit rich in fibre. Watermelon is better to eat alone and empty stomach. There is a lot of water in it, which dilutes digestion juices. If anything else is eaten with it immediately after/after it is difficult to digest. Similarly, drinking water with watermelon can lead to loose motions. Well watermelon itself has good results in itself. It is also good for the people who want to lose weight, and for the patients of sugar and heart.

Do not eat fruit with food.

Mechanisms of carbohydrate and protein digestion are different. The carbohydrate digestive slivo works in the enzyme alkaline medium, whereas citrus fruits like lemon, orange, pineapple, are acidic. If both of them are eaten together, the digestive process of carbohydrate or starch becomes slow. It can cause constipation, diarrhoea or indigestion. By the way, digestion of fruits only takes two hours, while it takes four to five hours to digest food. Modern Medical Science has some other ideas. According to him, fruits are acidic out but they are alkaline as soon as they go into the stomach. Anyway, going into the body, all things change into carbohydrate, fat, protein etc.

Ayurveda food

Do not eat sweet fruits and citrus fruits together

According to Ayurveda, oranges and bananas should not be eaten together, because citrus fruits cause an obstruction in sweet sugar from sweet fruit, which can cause problems in digestion. Also, the nutritious fruit may also decrease. Modern medical science does not make any difference with it.

Drink water with food or not?

Water is the best drink but should avoid drinking water with food. If the food is in the stomach for a long time, then the body will get more nutrition. If you take more water then the food will go down immediately. If you have to drink then drink a little and drink lukewarm or normal water. Avoid drinking too cold water. Boil the celery or cumin seeds in the water. This helps digest food. It is good to drink water full of glass after half an hour or an hour after eating.

Garlic or onion should eat or not?

Garlic and onions should be included in the daily meal. Garlic reduces fat and reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and enhances good cholesterol (HDL). It has anti-body and anti-oxidant properties. Onion increases appetite and prevents it from accumulating fat around blood vessels. Long-term use of cold-cold and respiratory allergies can be done better. Garlic and onions can be eaten by raw or frying both ways. But garlic raw food is better. Do not swallow raw garlic, chew, because raw garlic cannot digest many times. In addition, there are many such oils that come out after chewing and they get the benefit of the body.

Eat yoghurt with parathas or not?

According to Ayurveda, yoghurt should not be eaten with parathas or whole-sesame-fried things because yoghurt produces obstruction in fat digestion. It does not meet the body of fat from fat. If you have a curd, then add black pepper, rock salt or amla powder to it. However, there is no avoiding eating yoghurt with bread. Modern science says that there are good bacteria in curd, which help in digesting food so curd should definitely be eaten.

Eat Fat and Protein Together or Not?

Ghee, butter, oil etc. Fat should not be eaten with heavy proteins such as paneer, egg, meat because if two types of food are eaten together, they interfere in each other's digestive process. It can cause stomach aches or digestive disorders.

Take milk, bread and butter together or not?

It is better to take milk alone. Then the body gets more of its benefits. According to Ayurveda, the excess quantity of protein, carbohydrate and fat should not be taken together as the three can cause an interruption in each other's digestion and heaviness in the stomach. Modern science does not believe it to be right. According to it, it is among the best breakfast because it is full of itself.

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