17 best measures of kidney stones

17 best measures of kidney stones

Kidney stones

You can also take coconut water to treat stones. It is also a liquid substance. Along with this, there are substances that remove the stones. Therefore it will be beneficial to consume it daily.

► Mix two teaspoons of mishri, 15 cardamons of big cardamom, and a spoon of melon seeds mix well in a glass of water. After that, eat it. It will be treated regularly on a daily basis in the morning and evening.

► Pomegranate is very beneficial in all the problems related to urination. You can use it as a juice or you can also drink without juice.

► Ayurvedic treatment for the removal of stones. - Due to eating baked jamun, stones also end.

► Eulogy's powders eat radish every morning with radish, gives many benefits in all diseases related to amala urine.

► Grind sugar and live well in equal quantity and mix it with cold water, it is beneficial in stone disease. It is one of the Ayurvedic indigenous home remedies.

► Pure and fresh basil leaves are also beneficial in stone (Juvenile cures and remedies). In the summer days, try domestic home remedies for stones, drink coconut water daily, eat watermelon, kheer khaye, papaya is eaten Drink more water than you can.

► Calculus is necessary for your digestive system to be fully strong so that it can chew all the things we have eaten well.

Stone in Kidney

► A weak digestive system is also the cause of stone stones.

► Immediately after getting 2-3 lemon water in the day, there is an immediate benefit in stone

► Daily bananas also give benefits

► Do not forget to eat onion in any form daily

► If you can not use the daily bills, use it 2-3 times a week

► Drinking juice of the empty stomach Aloe vera in the morning also benefits the treatment of stone disease.

► Mix half-a-half cups of fennel, sugar candy and sweet coriander in 2 glass water and leave it soaked in water overnight. In the morning it was filtered by piglets. By doing so stones are treated.
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