To Climb Up Will have to bow


Rajasthan is a town situated on the border. It is a mountainous area along with being a religious town.

In the same town, there was a scholar named Manohar. Manohar was no LLB, BA, MA, MBA, he had learned the alphabet of experience from his school of life. Manohar was 55 years old and had a 21-year-old son, Vikas.

Vikas was getting a gift of God- voice.

His voice was so melodious that in the last two years he had made a deep space in the hearts of people around him. The development of the art of development was going on in the hearts of people, but another thing was growing with it, that was the pride of development.

The speed at which Vikas reached on success came down to the ground twice by rapid pace. The attitude of development had lost the confidence of the people working with them.

Sudden failure caused development to a great extent. Development was unable to find the reason for its failures. She did not know what was going wrong.

This sadness of development was understood by her father Manohar.

One day Manohar took his son development to a mountain and asked Vikas to climb with him on the mountain.

Manohar and Vikas, both father and son started climbing on the mountain. In order to climb up the mountain, the development bent down and started climbing up fast.

Manohar stopped his son's development after hitting halfway and said, 'Halfway you have leaned away, now you want to calm your body till the next half an hour. Do not bend at all.


Vikas started climbing according to what his father said, but he struggled to walk physically.

As she stepped up two steps, she started falling backwards.

Manohar caught the hand of development and saved him from falling.

Vikas told his father that 'by tearing the body, he will not be able to move upwards, it is possible to climb up this mountain only by leaning.

That is why Manohar took his son's development hand and said that 'development! Life is like that.

If you have to climb up the mountain of success then you will have to climb up and not bother. This is learning for you.

Vikas understood the point of his father, he knew the real reason for his failure.

Friends are also learning this for all of us. We are so happy with our success that we consider this as a result of our personal efforts, while there are some collaborators in the success of any person. Suppose that there is a singer and he is famous, then with that singer, it has been supported by those tabla players, drummers, lyricists, listeners, etc. So that has progressed so far. Any Bollywood actor gets bigger when his film is hit, but the film hits Kavaravata scriptwriter, director, producer, lyricist, spa boy, musician and the biggest viewer etc.

There is also a general saying that the tree is more inclined, which has more fruits.

So if we want to go ahead or move on, first of all, we will not be grateful (and accepting and thanking someone) for the people around us and things. I show gratitude to my pen, computer, window, paper, body.
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