How to save the relationship from breaking


There was a doctor in a city where his daughter was recently married in another city, named Renu. In Renu's in-laws, only three people lived, one she, the other her husband and the third her mother in law. After the marriage, it was fine for some time in the in-law's house, but after some time Renu and her mother-in-law started getting involved.

Some days passed, a few months passed ... but the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law was worse than before. One day, the fight between the two increased so much that they began to scramble each other. Then Renu went away from her maternal grandfather and started thinking that she would have learned her mother-in-law lessons.

When she came to her maternal home, she told her parents about everything in her lawsuit, how her mother-in-law reduces her work and taunts her. Her father was a doctor, then she said to Renu, "I have such a medicine, if you mix your mother-in-law in your daily routine, your mother-in-law will begin to remain calm instead of angry in the next 6 months.

Renu wanted only to get some solution to her problem, she said to her father, "Ok father, you give me this medicine.

His father said, "I will give you medicine, but you have to do the same as I will tell you, or else your mother-in-law can have anything to do with the effect of this medicine. If it is approved then I give medicine.

Renu quote, "OK Dad ... you will say like that, I will do the same.

The doctor gave Renu a medicine with some powder and said, "Take it secretly in your mother-in-law's meal morning and evening and treat your mother-in-law well today, treat her everything, if she scolds at something Instead of answering, listen silently instead.

Renu took her medicine from her father and went to her in-laws the next day.

In the in-laws now Renu's behaviour had changed. She began to serve a lot of her mother-in-law, obeyed her mother-in-law, and started feeding her mother-in-law with delicious food every day and when her mother-in-law scolded her, she kept quiet after remembering her father.

Now, the time has passed, after a few months have passed, the behaviour of mother-in-law began to change. Now she started praising her instead of doing the evil of her daughter-in-law Wherever he goes, he admires the work and behaviour of his Renu. On the other hand, Renu's behaviour was also dramatized - the truth had changed. Now the relation of mother-in-law has become sweet.

After 6 months, Renu passed away and told her father everything and Renu thanked her for the medicine given to her father.

Her father laughed after hearing Renu and said, "Daughter! Actually, this is not the case with all of my medicines. My medicine was just a powder correcting health. All these changes have come due to a change in your mind and attitude. There is no such medicine until today.

But whatever happens, I am very happy that the service you have given to your mother-in-law and the love that your mother-in-law has given to you, due to which the relationship between you and your relationship has become very sweet. Go to your in-laws now and live happily with your husband and mother-in-law.

Friends! This story gives a very big message about how we can save our relationship from breaking down. If we remove our ego, our pride in our relationship and keep our eyes and mind right, then we can make any relationship very special.

We should give our affection and love to him in our relationship with no hope other than this. And I want to ignore the smallest coin that is coming. By doing so, our relationship will not only prevent the breakdown, but there will be such strength in the relationship which will not be able to break even after the arrival of any storm.
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