Lessons of Lion's Rust and Leadership


There was a dense forest in Himachal's mountains. The king of that jungle was a lion. The lion ruled by living in the woods with his wife, lionesses and two cubs. Mars was in the whole of the jungle in the lion's reign. All the creatures in the forest used to live happily and fearlessly. He did not have any fear in the protection of his powerful King Lion, killing any other powerful and dreaded animal who entered the jungle after killing a lion.

King Lion had a full cabinet which included bears, giraffes, leopards, elephants, tigers from rabbits.

Once a few predators entered the forest. It was news to the predators that there is a lion in the forest and his family, who can be killed by killing them and earning a lot of money.

Information about the entry of the predators in the forest, the spy Siyar gave it to King Sher.

Upon hearing the news of the entry of the hunter, the Maha Barao advised Raja Sher to go to the cave built on the top of the mountain for a few days along with the family and said that we would all deal with those predators.

Listening to such talk from the mouth of his grandfather, Sher said shaking his head in disagreement that he would tackle himself with a herd of predators. Seeing the lion growing up, the whole cabinet and the forested villagers came to be amazed.

Senapati Tiger advised King Lion that before the hunter enters the forest, we attack them so that people will run away. The lion did not like this advice, he was not in any hurry. Nevertheless, following the advice of the tiger, with the necessary improvement in it, the lion said that we will attack but not yet, after a while, in a planned manner

Lions have secretly consulted their ministers, listen carefully to everyone's advice on how to deal with predators. In the end, the lion presented everyone's advice as excellent and presented the entire plan to everyone. Listening to the lion's plan, the entire cabinet agreed with them.

According to his plan, the lion made the first move, sending all the bees in the forest.

Soon all the bees of the forest have gathered. The lion ordered them to injure a herd of predators. After the order of their king, the bees of bees broke down on the predators. Suddenly, the attackers started running away from the attack. Hunters were injured by bees bites.

To avoid bees, poisons have a solution in the minds of poachers.

They all ran towards the water pond, in which they were able to escape from them immediately after drowning. At some distance from the pond, the feet of the hunters suddenly got scared, they saw that many crocodiles were roaming around the edge of the pond.

Seeing the death in front of their eyes, the hunter reversed the reverse steps back. But by then the bees had severely wounded them, cutting eyes on their eyes were swelling. Hunters understood the good of returning home safely and returning home safely.

But in the meantime, the lion's army attacked the tiger's leadership.

Because of the pain and fatigue in the eyes, they could not run much and all the hunters themselves became victims of Lion's army.

The whole forest was saved by the wisdom of his King Lion, everyone cheered the glory of his king.


1. Restraint and selflessness -

The first thing is that while Lion herself carnivorous, all the animals lived happily in her kingdom. This does not mean that the whole family of lions will be vegetarian. It is true that the lion would have hunted animals for the food of his family, but according to the need. Through which the entire forest understood the need for the lion. Similarly, the necessity of a leader understands its followers but till then the leader's conduct is restrained.

2. Put yourself ahead in any problem -

King Lion used to fight himself from any outside the dreaded animal. Becoming a girl first with any problem is a sign of a true leader.

3. Simplicity and further challenge -

Raja did not politely consider the advice of leaving his forest, leaving his forest to go to the cave on the entry of predators in the forest, rather he decided to fight against them. The quality of not leaving the field at the time of crisis increases the acceptability of any leader.

4. Not taking hasty work -

She refused to advise the immediate attack of his commander tiger. On any occurrence of any calamity, it becomes the cause of failure in most of the four to be without two schemes.

5. Building a Successful Plan by Receiving Everyone's Trust

Even after not following the advice of the tiger, publicly accept the advice of the tiger and other animals and made plans with the shuffle.

Listen to everyone's mind !! A leader should listen to all his advice, respect the advice and make correction according to his needs, while presenting that plan, so that we can make an earnest effort to show that by all its advice, such an excellent scheme has been made. This raises the leader's height in the eyes of his followers.

6. Concerning the Well Wishers -

The lion did not immediately send the bees before sending the bees first. Because as a leader, the lions did not want to lose any of their favourites. (Read - Take care of others - they will be yours) Well, the lion knew that poachers had guns, if the first attack creates an animal, then it may be that many animals die from the predator's shoot.

Therefore, the lion, thinking of excellent measures, asked the bees to attack first, the lion knew that the poachers would have no weapons to deal with bees.

7. Foresight-

The crocodile walking on the banks of the pond was also a part of the lion's plan. The lion was foresighted and thought that the hunter would surely run towards the pond, so he had already placed crocodiles on the banks of the pond.

8. Right Time - Right Action -

 When the hunters got tired of fleeing there, then the lion ordered his army to attack and laid the sleep of death to the poachers. It was known to the lion that hunter guns would not be able to run in this situation.

9. It is also in this story that if the lion wanted, the crocodile could order commanders to kill the poachers in the pond, but to increase the morale of the army, the lion was able to scare the predators, on the banks of the pond Stood and devoted himself to the enemies of his enemies.

This story teaches us to fight as a Leader. Read this story yourself, understand it Tell this story to your children, students, younger siblings and let them know the characteristics of leadership.
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