Live Before You Die

Live Before You Die

It is said that how much a person eats, it is not important but how much can he digest, it is important.

It is not important how much human reads, but how much he understands it is important.

How much does a person earn, that too is not important, but how much he can spend for good work, it is important. How long a person lives, it is not important, but how the person lives, it is important.

That is why we always say that death is only one day but before death, live life. We see a lot of people who live their life of death and death. They are so much worried about their work, their family and relationships, and when we teach them that they should start living open and when they experience such happiness, they say that we are living our life We were living in a closed compartment.

We always say that they should stay in a closed compartment only when they are in the shroud. If you are alive then start living life, start feeling the life in one moment and no one else who is happy with you must surely do it. Like, we enjoy the help of the needy, it seems that my moment was filled with life.

That is why we always say that stopped counting how many moments are in your life and start counting how many lives you can live in every moment, then start living before you die in your life, stop living dead.
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