Powerful Mind - A Secret to Live a Healthy Life

Powerful Mind - A Secret to Live a Healthy Life

Power of Mind

Do you want to be healthy - Yes!
Who does not want to be healthy and you will also be doing a lot of work to be healthy, you have to exercise, eat good food, many things we do to keep ourselves healthy, but if we still live healthy then Today we are going to tell you a secret to be healthy which is your brain.

Your brain is so much attached to your body that it is medically seen that most of the diseases of this world are in the mind, that is because of your mind, because of your negativity you are getting a disease, but in your body, there is no problem. Your mind is sick, so your body is getting sick, that is why it is said that mind is correct, the body is fine.

We just read a book on health, which has the names of every disease written in it and has written her thoughts in her side, and together she has written that which thought would be a disease.

Heart disease is mostly happening today; The main reason for this is that if your nature is very serious, you are very angry and if you think of small things, that is, that you talk about it on the heart In the days, your heart gets restless and due to a heart attack, many times it grows because of this tendency.

Therefore, it is clear that if your mind is not positive then you will never be able to stay healthy.

Many times, doctors also say that even if our medicines are not working on negative people then the doctors also advise them to be happy while taking medicines.

Today, you must have seen people come to laugh at the park, which has been named Laughter Therapy.

Powerfull Mind - A Secret to Live a Healthy Life

All these people say that we have sent this doctor because we need to laugh more than the medicines-laugh, be happy and keep the mind positive. As long as the mind is not positive you can not remain healthy and we ask you to start giving importance to your health from today because if you do not have your health then whatever you have is no value And to give importance to healthy then first you have to give importance to your mind.

Have heard about the placebo effect?
Placebo effect means - we feel that all our diseases are cured by medicine but the reality is that we do our brain properly.

Medicine produces a psychological effect on us. There have been much such research for placebo effect, in which two patients of the same disease are taken and one is given the original medicines and the other is given such a thing It is like medicine, but there is no effect on her body, and when both of them take medicines, it has been seen many times that both of them get cured 100% because the patient who took the medicine The disease was to be correct but for whom a medicine like medicine had been said that it was a medicine, then his psychology and mind started working there, so that even 100% got cured. This is called the placebo effect only. Many times our hands and feet are cut into small cuts. We do not treat them anymore but after a few days they recover themselves, all of them are from the vibrating power of the halo. This system works in every cell of your body.

When your mind is negative i.e. you have anger, fear, anxiety, hate and depression etc. It means that your mind is poisoning inside your body that means your brain is making your body sick but In the other hand, when your mind is happy and positive, then it starts to correct the disease.

The human mind is so powerful that it can also cure the incurable disease itself, such examples have been found which have rightly been corrected by the power of the mind.
We feel that if this positivity and healing system is done in the future, then we can correct the health of the people of the entire world.

Today, people start eating medicines for small problems. They think that if they do not take this medicine then I will not be able to cure them, they give up on their own mind. While the truth is that if you become addicted to these medicines then this medication also causes you much harm because it says that if a medicine does not have side effects on your body, then it can not have any effect. This means that the medicines that you take for your diseases, do your diseases right, but at the same time, it also hollows your body. So when God created such a good healing system in our body, why not adopt it, then today's message is that if you have to be healthy then first make your mind healthy.

That is why it says-

"No Poison Can Kill A Positive Thinker,
No Medicine can Cure A Negative Thinker. "
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